We perform full diagnostic work-up of cardiovascular diseases, with ambulatory ECGs, holter monitoring (a 24-hour ECG under normal, in-house conditions), blood pressure measurement, radiographic examination, and full echocardiographic studies (basic echocardiography, advanced doppler echocardiography). The clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment – a high power digital radiographic unit, echocardiography equipment with full cardiac functions, ECG monitors, a holter monitor, and a doppler blood pressure measuring device.
The examination leads to the diagnosis, which is followed by prognosis and presentation of treatment options (both medical, and surgical). We are equipped with all the newest cardiac drugs. We are highly experienced and skilled in performing interventional procedures, such as thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, and pericardiocentesis under sedation or general anesthesia, even in critically ill patients. We also hospitalize patients that need to be stabilized over a course of the day. Our patients can benefit from long-term oxygen therapy (flow-by, oxygen mask, oxygen cage or with assisted ventilation).