Katarzyna Koprowska

Young and ambitious, Dr Koprowska graduated from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty on the Warsaw Agricultural University in 2012. Later that year, she did a 6-month internship in our clinic, after which she stayed with us for good. She has been an assistant of Dr Niziołek and Dr Kraszewska since 2009 to widen her cardiologic knowledge. She performs cardiologic examinations and basic diagnostics (echocardiography, ECG), assists in every activity around the clinic, and specializes in anesthesia of patients with cardiorespiratory diseases. Thanks to her skills and knowledge, our thoracic surgery patients are safely anesthetized and recovered. Dr Koprowska takes part in every course organized in our clinic and has attended many training courses in Poland. She has taken several anesthesia courses from many Polish specialists in the field (Dr Skrzypczak, Dr Łuczak, and Dr Pilak). She also spent several weeks in the Clinic of the University in Bern as an anesthesiology intern. In the future, she plans to start diagnosing and treating heart diseases in horses.

In her private life, Dr Koprowska is a horse lover and horseriding instructor, leading an active life. She is becoming a fan of long distance running. She travels a lot and owns Belka (a cocker-spaniel) and a mix-breed dog named Grant.