Michał Gajewski

Dr Gajewski is the newest member of the Vetcardia team, but has been around for much longer. A 2005 graduate of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty on Warsaw Agricultural University, but his first contact with veterinary cardiology had place while he was still a student, during his volontary practice at a 24 hour veterinary clinic in Warsaw. His first post-graduate job was as a general practitioner. Dr Gajewski was lucky to work with experienced, open and educative collegues, who helped him improve his skills and knowledge in many disciplines. His first meeting with Dr Niziołek had place in a veterinary clinic on Belgradzka Street, and some time later he had an opportunity to work with him in another clinic in Warsaw for a few years. After several years as a general practitioner, he decided to concentrate on the discipline that he was drawn to at the earliest years of his professional career, that is veterinary cardiology and critical care. At the same time he developed an interest in veterinary cytology and hematology, concentrating mostly on the aspect of fluid analysis (pericardial and pleural effusions). As a result, he took several courses, workshops and attended conferences focusing on veterinary cytology. He is also working to broaden his knowledge on emergency and critical care.

Apart from being a veterinary practitioner, Dr Gajewski is also a translator, cooperating with several publishers of veterinary books and articles. He has translated over 10 books on veterinary medicine, and large numbers of articles.

Dr Gajewski is a father to his young daughter Zosia, and an owner of 2 domestic shorthair cats (adopted and raised from kittenhood). Dr Gajewski loves to spend free time backpacking, dreaming to visit India, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and South America (trekking in Andes!) and a running freak (as many of Vetcardia’s team members). An owner of a small, but slowly expanding collection of LPs (The Doors, Queen, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Faith No More, among others).