Rafał Niziołek

cardiology, pulmonology

Doctor Niziolek is the owner of VETCARDIA, he graduated the Department of Veterinary Medicine on Warsaw Agricultural University in 1996. His specialty is diagnosing and treatment of cardiovascular system diseases in dogs, cats, and ferrets. He is a well experienced practitioner, with many years’ practice in several private veterinary practices in Warsaw (Przychodnia dla Zwierząt Boss,, Żoliborska Klinika Weterynaryjna, Natolińska Lecznica Weterynaryjna, Klinika Małych Zwierząt SGGW, Przychodnia Weterynaryjna Marysin) and several internships (Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh (Scotland), Tierklinik Vetsuisse Faculty University in Bern (Switzerland), Cabinet Veterinaire Amberger-Philip in geneva (Switzerland), Heart Station of the University Clinic in Uppsala (Sweden). He attended numerous ESAVS courses (Cardiology I – IV, Emergency and Critical Care I – II). He is a member of ESVC (European Society of Veterinary Cardiologists) and IVECCS (International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society). He has published numerous articles and presented lectures on cardiovascular diseases on the Postgraduate Specialization in Canine and Feline Medicine in Warsaw. His mentors are renown Polish (Urszula Pasławska, DVM, PhD, Bohdan Kurski, DVM) and international (Christophe Lombard, PhD, Clarence Kvart, PhD, Gerhard Wess, PhD, Claudio Bussadori, PhD, Jens Haggstron, PhD, David Spreng, PhD, Alan Kovacevic, DVM, Armelle de la Forcade, DVM, Jennifer Devey, DVM).

Dr Niziołek specializes in echocardiography, and emergency and critical care in patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

In his private life a husband and father of two – daughter Natalia and her younger brother Filip. They own two dogs – Lavia and Glow, both purebreed dogs – Cesky terriers. Passionate of macrophotography, nature and wildlife documentaries, popular science literature, long distance running, heavy metal, ambient and electronic rock music. You can find out more about Dr Niziołek on his Instagram under the nick rafalniziolek71 and on Faccebook as Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek

Katarzyna Kraszewska

cardiology, pulmonology

Dr Niziołek’s „right hand”, becoming a veterinary cardiologist was her ambition since the beginning of her studies at the Warsaw Agricultural University. At that time she used to spend every minute of her spare time with Magdalena Garncarz, DVM, at her cardiology practice. Later, she was supervised by Dr Niziołek. During her studies, she did a short internship at the Cardiology Division of the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinic of Diseases of Horses, Dogs and Cats on Wrocław University of Environment and Life Science, under the supervision of Urszula Pasławska, DVM, PhD, and Agnieszka Noszczyk-Nowak, DVM. She has been treating animals with cardiorespiratory diseases with Dr Niziołek for many years. Dr Kraszewska is a member of ESVC (European Society of Veterinary Cardiologists), and an author of numerous publications. She has given lectures on electrocardiography and echocardiography courses, both in Poland and abroad. Dr Kraszewska specializes in cardiac rhythm abnormalities and ECG interpretation. She is skilled to perform full cardiologic examination, echocardiography, ECG, and holter monitoring. Moreover, she specializes in the cardiac examination of the smallest and most difficult patients to counsel in our clinic: rats, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, and ferrets. Her experience in assessing those tiny hearts is vast and expanding. In October 2012 she did an internship in Austria, under the supervision of our collegue and friend, Dr Peter Modler. At that period, she focused on interventional cardiology. In 2013 she did her first postgraduate cardiology course in ESAVS. She is also attending the postgraduate specialization course on internal medicine of dogs and cats.

Her hobbies are: travel, yachting, and good music. She is the owner of a dog named Mania. More information on Dr Kraszewska on her webpage: www.weterynarzkardiolog.pl

Katarzyna Koprowska

cardiology, anesthesiology

Young and ambitious, Dr Koprowska graduated from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty on the Warsaw Agricultural University in 2012. Later that year, she did a 6-month internship in our clinic, after which she stayed with us for good. She has been an assistant of Dr Niziołek and Dr Kraszewska since 2009 to widen her cardiologic knowledge. She performs cardiologic examinations and basic diagnostics (echocardiography, ECG), assists in every activity around the clinic, and specializes in anesthesia of patients with cardiorespiratory diseases. Thanks to her skills and knowledge, our thoracic surgery patients are safely anesthetized and recovered. Dr Koprowska takes part in every course organized in our clinic and has attended many training courses in Poland. She has taken several anesthesia courses from many Polish specialists in the field (Dr Skrzypczak, Dr Łuczak, and Dr Pilak). She also spent several weeks in the Clinic of the University in Bern as an anesthesiology intern. In the future, she plans to start diagnosing and treating heart diseases in horses.

In her private life, Dr Koprowska is a horse lover and horseriding instructor, leading an active life. She is becoming a fan of long distance running. She travels a lot and owns Belka (a cocker-spaniel) and a mix-breed dog named Grant.

Michał Gajewski

cardiology, cytology, hematology

Dr Gajewski is the newest member of the Vetcardia team, but has been around for much longer. A 2005 graduate of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty on Warsaw Agricultural University, but his first contact with veterinary cardiology had place while he was still a student, during his volontary practice at a 24 hour veterinary clinic in Warsaw. His first post-graduate job was as a general practitioner. Dr Gajewski was lucky to work with experienced, open and educative collegues, who helped him improve his skills and knowledge in many disciplines. His first meeting with Dr Niziołek had place in a veterinary clinic on Belgradzka Street, and some time later he had an opportunity to work with him in another clinic in Warsaw for a few years. After several years as a general practitioner, he decided to concentrate on the discipline that he was drawn to at the earliest years of his professional career, that is veterinary cardiology and critical care. At the same time he developed an interest in veterinary cytology and hematology, concentrating mostly on the aspect of fluid analysis (pericardial and pleural effusions). As a result, he took several courses, workshops and attended conferences focusing on veterinary cytology. He is also working to broaden his knowledge on emergency and critical care.

Apart from being a veterinary practitioner, Dr Gajewski is also a translator, cooperating with several publishers of veterinary books and articles. He has translated over 10 books on veterinary medicine, and large numbers of articles.

Dr Gajewski is a father to his young daughter Zosia, and an owner of 2 domestic shorthair cats (adopted and raised from kittenhood). Dr Gajewski loves to spend free time backpacking, dreaming to visit India, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and South America (trekking in Andes!) and a running freak (as many of Vetcardia’s team members). An owner of a small, but slowly expanding collection of LPs (The Doors, Queen, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Faith No More, among others).

Rafał Kraszewski


Mad snowboarder, classic surfer (forget windsurfing or kitesurfing!), professionally a specialist in veterinary surgery. In our clinic Dr Kraszewski consults surgical patients and performs soft tissue and thoracic surgeries. He assists a more experienced surgeon on difficult, advanced surgeries.

Martyna Ochocka

cardiology, abdomen and chest ultrasonography

I graduated the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the Warsaw Agricultural University.
From the beginning of my veterinary journey, I have practiced in many clinics in Poland and abroad – among others in the AAVET veterinary clinic in Prague and the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of the University of Glasgow.

I have been cooperating with Vetcardia for several years.  In the clinic, I examin in fields of  ultrasonography (abdomen and chest) and cardiology. For several years I also worked with exotic animals. This experience allows me to do echocardiography also for the smallest creatures such as rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Privately, I am an enthusiast of all sports activities, including indoor and beach volleyball, and running recently. The perfect idea for a free evening is a good concert, especially in the rhythm of hip-hop and soul. If you see me “on the streets” I would have my headphones on. I cannot resist a good coffee… and a croissant with chocolate.

Katarzyna Jabłońska-Niziołek

She is in charge of logistics and maintenance of the clinic, working at the reception or in the background. She is also a great general practitioner, focused mainly on endocrinology. She has a multitude of household duties, so she is often absent.